Minor Kitchen Renovations Completed!

As you may already know the staff at Lumi Kitchen have been keeping busy with some spring cleaning. Okay, it’s not actually spring cleaning but more like renovation. We took advantage of the spring season to do some minor kitchen renovations before summer kicks in. We’ve been wanting to make some upgrades to our kitchen which hasn’t been touched since we’ve open the restaurant.

For the most part we’ve kept everything about the same, except we’ve added a new coat of paint to our walls, built a new kitchen area that allows us to expand our kitchen service, and added some new appliances. We’ve been wanting to rework our kitchen area so that it not only allows us to increase our capacity but also create a better flow. So we’re super excited about this and looking forward to serving you better!

We’re just as excited to tell you about the new appliances that we’ve picked up. There are two new sous-vide machines to replace our old one – we can’t wait to prepare some delicious food for you! In addition we bought some new garbage disposals from Grind That Garbage. For the longest time we’ve wanted to outfit our kitchen sinks with garbage disposals because as you can imagine, we deal with a ton of food scraps on a daily basis. It just wasn’t practical how we were dealing with food waste in the past but now we have an easy and environmentally-friendly way to process them. They should really be installed in every kitchen and if you don’t have one already, Grind That Garbage helps you compare garbage disposals so check it out.  Finally, we added a couple new custom-made commercial convection ovens. We were able to find a great local company that was able to custom build an oven for us at a reasonable price.

We plan to renovate our dining area in the future too but our kitchen took priority this time. Some of our guests seem to like the idea of expanding the empty space in the parking lot into an additional patio area. We’re thinking about it. We’ll have to see because we host a farmer’s market too and may need to use that space for events. We also have to check with city authorities to see whether this is a feasible idea.

Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that our restaurant will be resuming normal kitchen services starting this weekend. We want to thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you at Lumi Kitchen soon!

Come To Our Farmers Market

Next weekend, we’re going to be hosting our final farmers market of the year and you’re invited to join us! The event will take place on the north side of our restaurant parking lot as usual. At the farmers market we will be taking contributions for the Meals for Children charity so we encourage you to bring one non-perishable food item. This will be your ticket to the event so make sure you don’t forget to bring one. Without the non-perishable food item, entrance to the event will be a $2 donation per person.

There will be lots happening at this farmers market. Vendors are eager to sell their remaining stock of the season. You will find homemade jams, honey, pie, pickled goods, cheeses, and more. Lunch will be served on both days of the farmers market. Lumi Kitchen will be providing a barbecue feast throughout the weekend featuring our famous smoked beef brisket. Hillary’s will be there with their organic vegetable booth. They will be mixing up some delicious fruit and vegetable juice for sale.

We also have a draw for prizes like gift cards and household goods. For each $5 you spend at the market, you get one ticket into the draw. The draw will be made on Sunday at 3 p.m. so be sure to get your tickets in by the 2:45 p.m. deadline on Sunday. Prizes have been sponsored by Lumi Kitchen as well as Jack & Pete’s Fisheries, who run a sustainable fishery, and Bread Machine Pros, who review the best bread machines for sale. The grand prize will be a Breville bread machine. There will be several secondary prizes including gift cards to dine at Lumi Kitchen.

One final word: We still have a couple of booths left to fill this time around. It’s the end of the season so some vendors have already closed up for the season. Since this is our last farmers market, we don’t intend on opening up the booths but if you are interested in hosting a booth, please come see us as soon as possible at our restaurant to discuss.

*Edit: There were a few ooohs and ahhhs and comments about wanting to get more information about our prizes, in particular the Breville. To answer the most popular question, yes, it does make gluten-free bread (http://www.breadmachinepros.com/best-gluten-free-bread-machine) and no, we don’t know much more about it. You might be better off looking at the Bread Machine Pros website instead!

We hope to see you there! The details of the even are as follows:


December 6-7


Lumi Kitchen (North side parking lot)
699 NW 2nd St Miami, FL 33128


One non-perishable food item, or
$2 donation to Meals for Children charity.

Lumi Kitchen Is Hosting A Cook-Off!

Next month, we’re excited to be welcoming two very good friends of Lumi Kitchen to Miami, chef Alex and chef Patrick. Both chefs went to culinary school with Lumi and just happen to be stopping by Miami for vacation. So we thought it would be an awesome idea to hold some sort of food exchange, and thought of the idea of a cook-off. It’s not going to be a big event, but we’re thinking about inviting some patrons to join this cook-off as judges. We just want to organize something fun and our patrons would be the ones to judge the food. But before we finalize anything, we would like to get your suggestions on how we should host the event. Would you be interested in joining as a judge? If we do something other than a cook-off, what would you like to see? Please leave your comments below.

Also, we thought it would be helpful to give you guys a bit of background information about Alex and Patrick so you can make some good suggestions. As mentioned earlier, both of them work as chefs and are from Chicago. In their spare time they have also launched a blog together about pressure cooking. Their blog talks about the best pressure cookers of 2015. Alex and Patrick are very knowledgeable about pressure cookers and they often host events teaching people how to cook with pressure cookers. We were thinking about doing something related to pressure cooking – for example, to host a teaching event for your guys, or to have the cook-off with the theme of pressure cookers so we would have to use it to cook.

For the teaching event, we were thinking of having both us and Alex and Patrick working together to make pressure cooker recipes. We would do it from scratch. This idea comes from their blog because we saw that they do pressure cooker reviews and recipes. Pressure cooking is very quick so we would be able to fit 3-5 recipes throughout the day. So we think this will open up the event to many more people than if we were to do a cook-off. People can just sign up to the recipe demonstration that they want to watch.

For the cook-off, we will have two teams. One with Alex and Patrick and the other team Lumi. Both are required to make the same recipe. Then, anonymously, the audience will vote for their favorite dish of the two teams. We want to make it as fun and interactive as possible. Maybe we can even have the audience help cook.

We’re certainly open to new ideas. It doesn’t have to be a cook-off or a cooking demonstration. However, it must be practical and we must be able to host it at the restaurant’s guest room. We’ll even throw in prizes in the event like Lumi Kitchen gift cards. So let us know what you think of all this and we look forward to hearing your ideas!