Minor Kitchen Renovations Completed!

As you may already know the staff at Lumi Kitchen have been keeping busy with some spring cleaning. Okay, it’s not actually spring cleaning but more like renovation. We took advantage of the spring season to do some minor kitchen renovations before summer kicks in. We’ve been wanting to make some upgrades to our kitchen which hasn’t been touched since we’ve open the restaurant.

For the most part we’ve kept everything about the same, except we’ve added a new coat of paint to our walls, built a new kitchen area that allows us to expand our kitchen service, and added some new appliances. We’ve been wanting to rework our kitchen area so that it not only allows us to increase our capacity but also create a better flow. So we’re super excited about this and looking forward to serving you better!

We’re just as excited to tell you about the new appliances that we’ve picked up. There are two new sous-vide machines to replace our old one – we can’t wait to prepare some delicious food for you! In addition we bought some new garbage disposals from Grind That Garbage. For the longest time we’ve wanted to outfit our kitchen sinks with garbage disposals because as you can imagine, we deal with a ton of food scraps on a daily basis. It just wasn’t practical how we were dealing with food waste in the past but now we have an easy and environmentally-friendly way to process them. They should really be installed in every kitchen and if you don’t have one already, Grind That Garbage helps you compare garbage disposals so check it out.  Finally, we added a couple new custom-made commercial convection ovens. We were able to find a great local company that was able to custom build an oven for us at a reasonable price.

We plan to renovate our dining area in the future too but our kitchen took priority this time. Some of our guests seem to like the idea of expanding the empty space in the parking lot into an additional patio area. We’re thinking about it. We’ll have to see because we host a farmer’s market too and may need to use that space for events. We also have to check with city authorities to see whether this is a feasible idea.

Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that our restaurant will be resuming normal kitchen services starting this weekend. We want to thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you at Lumi Kitchen soon!